DIYOKAI Chicken Coops For 5 Large Hens


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  • Product Dimensions: 64″L x 32″W x 48″H
  • A slide out droppings tray
  • Smooth surfaces that wipe clean
  • Unique anti-tunnel skirt prevents digging
  • Make it a chicken tractor with wheels and handles

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  • THE MOST SECURE HEN HOUSE The iron net stops raccoon paws without needing hardware cloth and the two-step push and twist door locks stop nifty fingers opening the coop.
  • CLEAN AND FRESH IN MINUTES Diyokai chicken coops are made of metal and high density polyester. Clean with just a pet-safe disinfectant and your garden hose, Can be pressure washed and dries quickly. Forget smelly chicken coops and discover the easy way of keeping your chickens’ home sparkly clean and hygienically healthy!
  • HEAT PRESERVATION AND INSULATION At night the chickens go into the upper cage to rest and close the door. No matter the wind or rain outside, you can ensure that your chickens stay comfortable inside.
  • FRESH EGGS EVERY DAY! On the side of the Diyokai Cube gives you direct access to the nest box, so that you, or your children, can run out in the morning and collect those still warm eggs for breakfast!
  • DESIGN A HENTERTAINING PLAYGROUND FOR YOUR HENS Connect your coop run to a larger Walk In Chicken Run, Give your hens free range space with Chicken Fencing.


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